Long Term Disability Page (3)Studies have shown that 30% of workers between 25 and 65 will experience an accident or illness that will keep them out of work for three months or longer. 40% of these injuries occur outside of the job and do not qualify for workers compensation benefits (W.S.I.B). Many employees pay into disability coverage policies in order to protect themselves from losses in the event of injury. Long term disability coverage is supposed to come into effect once short term disability runs out, and will pay a percentage of your monthly salary during the duration of your disability. Most plans are either paid into by both the employer and employee or through a personal insurance policy.

The problem is that many insurance companies try to deny claims by taking the position that there is insufficient objective evidence, or will not classify the injury as a long term disability within the definition included in the policy. In this situation, contact Horowitz Injury Law as soon as you are denied a claim from your disability insurer. Strict time limits may apply to the internal appeals process and there is a strict time limit to commence a court action, if necessary.

Our team of industry professionals has 35 years of experience representing clients in long term disability claims. It is vitally important that the specific definition of “total disability” is reviewed, as well as the other important terms in the policy. We will ensure that the relevant disability test is reviewed by leading medical experts in the field related to your disability and other relevant evidence is obtained to support your claim.

Most Common Long Term Disability Claims:

• Cancer
• Heart Attack
• Diabetes
• Back Injury
• Arthritis

Thousands of long term disability claims are filed each year throughout Canada. Make sure you are getting the coverage and benefits you deserve! Contact Horowitz Injury Law today for a free long term disability consultation. 416-925-4100