Neurological Injury Claims

Neurological injuries are extremely difficult to deal with on both victims and their families/caregivers. If you or a loved one has sustained neurological injuries as a result of an accident – contact Horowitz Injury Law today at 416-925-4100 today for a FREE consultation.

At Horowitz Injury Law – our experienced Toronto neurological injury team not only provides legal advice, but also guidance on medical treatment options and providers. We take great efforts to ensure that we provide as much emotional support and stress relief as possible during a very challenging time. We bring hope and confidence to victims of neurological injuries to ensure that they are compensated and protected for their long term needs, including medical, rehabilitation and other treatment expenses and attendant care expenses.

When a victim sustains a severe trauma to the brain, spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, he or she has to undergo extensive therapeutic care and rehabilitation that may be very expensive and is not covered by OHIP. Some common neurological injuries include but are not limited to:

  •           Concussions
  •           Traumatic Brain Injury
  •           Intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure
  •           Diffuse axonal shearing injury
  •           Subdural hematoma
  •           Subarachnoid hematoma
  •           Intracranial hemorrhage
  •           Epidural hematoma
  •           Peripheral nerve injuries
  •           Spinal Cord injuries
  •           And more

These injuries often alter cognitive functions and personality impacting on behaviour, personality and business and personal relationships. It disrupts the lives of the entire family in many ways and may result in lost income, loss of caregiving capacity and pain and suffering. It is important to start the rehabilitation process as quickly as possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Similarly, neurological injuries can result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation, mobility or even paralysis. There are medical treatments that may help victims gain partial or complete recovery and greatly enhance the quality of life for the victim. However, these treatment options must be administered in a timely fashion by qualified medical experts in spinal cord injury. Hence, it is imperative that an experienced neurological injury team be assembled as quickly as possible to achieve maximum medical recovery. The rehabilitation team, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and physicians will also assist in advancing your claims against your No-Fault insurer and at fault party(s).

If you or a loved one has sustained a neurological injury – call Horowitz Injury Law today for a free consultation at 416-925-4100. Our Toronto neurological injury lawyer specializes in neurological injuries and is available to speak with you at no charge to assess whether or not your claim may have merit. Call us today at 416-925-4100.