A municipal liability claim involves legal action against a municipality due to alleged negligence or breach of a statutory duty on the part of the municipality, resulting in injury, damages or death. Horowitz Injury Law has a wealth of experience successfully representing clients seeking compensation related to a municipal liability claim. If you need a legal consultation for your municipal liability claim, contact Horowitz Injury Law today at 416-925-4100.

Areas of Municipal Liability

Like many other areas of law, municipal liability can be highly complex. Generally speaking, municipal liability includes liability arising from:

• Maintenance and other repair issues relating to municipal highways, roadways and sidewalks
• Conduct of municipal police services, including claims of negligent investigation and excessive use of force
• Other municipal emergency services
• Issues relating to the removal of ice and snow from highways, roadways and sidewalks and the applicability of the Minimum Maintenance Standards
• More

Damages or injuries resulting from negligence or unjust action on the part of a municipality under any of the above areas are common reasons for municipal liability claims, though given the wide jurisdiction of municipalities and differences from one to another, other areas may be included under municipal liability. Some of these claims have strict time limits to provide written notice of the potential claim and statutory limitation periods must always be complied with.

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