Horowitz Injury Law has extensive experience in acting for individuals who have been denied long term disability benefits from insurance companies, both under private and group policies. We understand that being disabled and unable to work in your chosen occupation could have serious financial consequences to you and your family. As a result, Horowitz Injury Law will not require any upfront fees and you will not be charged any legal fees until your claims are resolved. We will ensure that your impairments and disabilities are properly documented and that you undergo medical assessments by leading physicians at teaching hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area. We will also work with your treating practitioners to ensure that they are aware of the specific disability test in your insurance policy and that they have given an informed and responsive opinion related to the legal disability test.

Often, the insurance companies agree to pay outstanding arrears and reinstate benefits and in other appropriate cases, we are able to negotiate settlements of future benefit entitlement.

Horowitz Injury Law has extensive experience and a proven track record of resolving the claims of individuals who have been denied long term disability benefits. While we will make every effort to settle your claims, we have the experience and expertise to take your case to trial if necessary to ensure that you receive fair compensation under your long term disability policy.