Pool AccidentHave you sustained serious injuries at a swimming pool or while diving into the pool? Did you know that if this happened to you, that you may be eligible for compensation? If you have sustained injuries at a swimming pool, then contact Horowitz Injury Law at 416-925-4100 for a free consultation.  We will assess your case and advise you whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Swimming pools provide fun-filled recreation and fitness for people of all ages. However, when pools are not properly maintained or Supervisors/Attendants are not properly trained, a fun-filled activity can turn into a devastating accident in a matter of moments. Similarly, if pool safety standards are not followed or safety procedures are not enforced, accidents can occur resulting in long term injuries.  Pool accidents can have devastating consequences on the victim and their loved ones including pain and suffering, loss of income and the need for long term care and rehabilitation, depending on the nature and magnitude of the accident and injuries.

Enforcing posted signs such as proper use of floaters and floatation devices, enforcing safety guidelines such as not running on the pool deck, time limits on the pool, maintaining a ratio of pool users to a lifeguard are critical in preventing drowning accidents.

At Horowitz Injury Law, we also represent the surviving family members of drowning victims, as well as parents of the children who are injured in such accidents. We can help provide you with the legal support you need. We have helped clients across Ontario who have incurred injuries from pool and diving accidents including:

  • Diving accidents as a result of improperly marked depths, resulting in head injuries; paralysis; back injuries; brain injuries; serious orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries
  • Injuries sustained from broken pool equipment, such as diving boards, handrails or ladders; missing safety equipment; slippery decks, due to non-slip resistant surfaces or an inadequate slope of the pool deck leading to the formation of puddles; algae formation on the pool deck and faulty or improperly maintained drainage systems

Diving accidents can be particularly devastating because of the potential for a serious or catastrophic spinal cord injury, which depending on the particular circumstances, could give rise to liability on the pool owner and operator. The pool depth, the slope of the pool floor, visible depth markers, signs prohibiting diving, the conduct of the injured diver and other factors will have to be considered when assessing potential liability in these complex cases.

Brian A. Horowitz, with 35 years of experience, will investigate the unique circumstances under which the accident occurred and take the time to understand the implications on your personal life, the impact on your family and the short term and long-term implications of the injury. We also assess all relevant medical expenses and other losses and fight for you throughout the course of your accident claim.

If you have sustained injuries at a swimming pool, then contact Horowitz Injury Law at 416-925-4100 for a free consultation.