Child Injury

Children’s injuries can arise as a result of improper adult supervision or from faulty or dangerous products or equipment.

Children’s injuries can be particularly problematic because their brains, central nervous systems and musculoskeletal systems are still developing. Long-term outcomes are more difficult to predict and require expert evidence from qualified paediatric specialists.

Serious children’s injuries can result from a number of different situations that carry varying degrees of risk, including:

  • Defective children’s toys or equipment
  • Faulty or defective playground or gym equipment
  • Improper adult supervision at school or camp
  • School bus or other motor vehicle accidents
  • And more

If your child has sustained injuries – she may be eligible for compensation from the at fault party(s). Contact Horowitz Injury Law at 416-925-4100 for a free consultation and we will assess whether your child has a potential claim and review the family’s legal options.

Serious injuries to children can cause both physical pain and also emotional trauma, which can have a profound negative impact on your child on a long term basis. At Horowitz Injury Law, our legal team has 35 years of experience in helping families advance claims on behalf of their children and ensuring that children and their families get the compensation they deserve.

We have extensive experience and a proven track record of success in:

  • Ensuring your child’s needs and associated family needs are taken care of
  • Assessing Loss of income of parents both immediate term and long term
  • Determining your child’s estimated future economic loss arising from the accident

Additionally, we have over 30 years of experience in advancing personal injury claims for children who have been injured as a result of:

  • Improper supervision at play, in swimming pools or during children activity
  • Accidents at daycare or playgrounds including equipment failures
  • Accidents in school, during after-school recreational activities, transportation accidents  and excursions
  • Caregiver neglect
  • Skiing accidents or other sports-related accidents and injuries
  • Injuries caused by the failure to provide proper medical care
  • And more

When a child or teen suffers a serious or catastrophic brain or spinal cord injury, the prospect of falling behind in school, losing contact with friends and struggling to prepare for the future can commonly occur. In these cases, the need for classroom assistants and tutors may be necessary, as well as a comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team, who specialize in pediatric medicine; this is vital to ensure maximum recovery. Unfortunately, a child’s physical body, including the brain and spinal cord, are continuing to develop, and the full extent of disability and the long term effects of the injury may not yet be known. We will ensure that your child receives the very best specialized care and therapy from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and psychologists, to ensure the best possible outcome.

When children are victims of serious injuries, court approval of any settlement is required and the implementation of a Structured Settlement must be considered to provide a non-taxable, monthly income stream to cover the costs of future care and rehabilitation for the life of your injured child; that is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in children’s injuries to help address the immediate and long-term needs of your child.  Our legal team has 35 years of experience and a proven track record of success in representing children who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries.


If your child has sustained injuries – they may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party(s). Contact Horowitz Injury Law at 416-925-4100 today for a free consultation!