What To Do After A Traffic Accident

It happens in a flash. When you least expect it. The violent jolt; the screeching sound; shattered glass; then that brief moment of silence. The pain sets in. If you’ve ever experienced an automobile accident, you know how traumatic it can be. You’re shaken, you’re [...]

Traffic Deaths Down, But Reckless Driving Up During Covid

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a variety of challenges for people around the globe, and here at home in Canada.  An unexpected one, is that reckless driving has also been an infectious virus, hitting drivers everywhere. Due to lockdowns and remote work, there are [...]

Personal Injury Law 2020: Virtual Becomes Reality

It’s 2020... We no longer record evidence using quill and ink. —Mr. Justice F.L. Myers, Ontario Superior Court of Justice Time to take that paper trail into cyberspace. Justice Myers had some strong thoughts recently on the new reality of virtual communications that the field [...]

What You Need to Know About The Limitations Act

"Time is of the essence." Official dictionary definitions include: said to encourage one to hurry emphasizing something should be done as soon as possible This phrase is used in many areas of law in Ontario. When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, it [...]

The Benefits of Mediation

A serious personal injury case can really take its toll on a victim and their family. Anyone who’s been in this position knows full well: the physical and emotional pain, the financial pressures of paying for medical costs, and the anxiety of a stressful legal [...]

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