Driving High in the Legalization Era

“Weed doesn’t impair my ability to drive — it actually makes me a better driver!” —Said by hundreds of thousands of Ontarians   At least, that’s how it seems. You’ve undoubtedly heard this excuse before from someone who thinks it’s no problem to get behind [...]

Hit and Runs on the Rise — But Why?

What would you do if you were unfortunate enough to be the driver involved in a hit and run accident? Would fleeing the scene even be an option?  If you think you’ve heard more about this kind of crime recently — and make no mistake, [...]

6 Tips for Avoiding Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

It’s the dead of winter in Canada, and for some of us, the thought of dealing with the cold, harsh, snowy conditions is enough to keep us inside as much as possible. For many of course, this isn’t possible — braving the icy roads, driveways [...]

Medical Malpractice Claims: An Uphill Battle in Canada

We entrust doctors and health care workers with our health, sometimes our lives, on a daily basis. We have faith that these professionals will undertake the right decisions and actions for us and our families, keeping us from harm.  Unfortunately, the medical profession is a [...]

4 New Spinal Cord Injury Treatments Offer Hope

The causes can vary, as can the effects on the body, and the treatments needed. But one thing that never changes, is that a serious spinal cord injury will have a traumatic effect on its victim and their family.  According to The Praxis Institute (formerly [...]

Distracted Pedestrians At Risk for Serious Injuries

You’ve no doubt seen it: Someone crosses a busy Toronto street with their head down, hands busily texting or swiping away on their smartphone. Call them “distracted walkers”, “smartphone zombies”, or, the scientific term, “inattentive blindness”. But no matter the label, it’s clear that not [...]


A study in the summer of 2019 revealed the highest concussion rate ever reported in Ontario -- 1.3 million concussions diagnosed between 2008 and 2016. That’s DOUBLE the rate originally thought.  Other results include the frightening statistic that children under the age of five experienced [...]


So you’re thinking about heading to the skating rink. It’s unlikely you’ll choose the traction of summer sandals to wear on the ice. And yet 31% of Ontarians still insist on winter driving with the automobile equivalent of flip flops: Regular or all-season tires.  The [...]