How To Stay Safe While Enjoying Ontario’s Winter Weather

There are an abundance of ways to get out and enjoy recreational activities in Ontario during the winter months. Unfortunately, there are also myriad ways in which serious injuries can occur during these ventures. To make sure you’re protected, there are a number of precautions [...]

Avoid Accidents With Winter Driving Safety Tips

The chilly winds of winter and treacherous road conditions have hit Ontario with full force, endangering citizens with an uptick in accidents. No one wants to be a statistic, and in order to avoid accidents you’ll need to take heed of winter driving safety tips. [...]

Night Driving Safety Awareness

October is the month when children’s thoughts turn to Halloween. But it’s also a time when drivers’ thoughts should turn to night driving safety. Between the little ghosts and goblins high-tailing it around on Oct. 31st, and the switching of the clocks back to Standard [...]

Guidelines For Attendance Now A Mix Of Virtual & In Person

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the Ontario court system has gone 2.0, so to speak, adopting a number of technological advancements that have created the “virtual courtroom” and other proceedings. It’s all been done to address a combination of public [...]

Top 10 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

With summer starting to get into full swing in Ontario, residential swimming pools will soon be busy with family and friends cooling off from the heat. But pool owners need to keep their guests, and themselves, safe from injury, and lawsuits. Safety bylaws and guidelines [...]

Dog Owners Liability Act: You Are Responsible For Your Dog

The “pandemic pet pandemonium” boom hit Canada in a big way, as many Canadians turned to pet ownership for comfort during the coronavirus pandemic. With so many people feeling isolated, as social interactions were dramatically curtailed, dogs really did become a human’s best friend more [...]

5 Tips For Children’s Playground Safety

With spring around the corner, younger children will be taking to playgrounds all over Ontario, to get in a little fun, exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, a small portion of those children will also be taking a trip to the ER of their local hospital, [...]

Helping Paralyzed Spinal Cord Injury Victims Walk Again

In the field of personal injury law, the right lawyer can help accident victims get the compensation they deserve for serious injuries caused by negligence. And now, exciting new medical developments can miraculously help some victims regain lost function—helping spinal cord injury victims walk again. [...]

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