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8 Back To School Safety Tips

After a summer of fun, the kids are back at school. But after all those safety precautions around the pool, or the lake, don’t let your guard down just because they seem to be safe in class. It’s important to do your homework and to [...]

Cottage Safety Tips

In the heat of the summer, cottage season is in full swing around the province. At least a quarter of a million families are cottagers in Ontario. And while a good time will be had by most all, an unfortunate few may be subject to [...]

10 Tips To Avoid Jet Skiing Accidents

Summer is here in Ontario, and cottagers are hitting the lakes all around the province. And while fun will be had by all, we shouldn’t forget that dangers lurk in those waters as well, when proper safety precautions aren’t followed. We’ve discussed the dangers (and [...]

Who Can Operate A Motorized Boat In Ontario?

There are a quarter of a million lakes in Ontario (yes, 250,000 of them!). And now that we're into the warmer weather, they’re all poised and ready for your summer pleasure. People of all ages will be heading to the cottage, or just up north [...]

Can You Sue Over A Hot Coffee Scalding?

When Kramer tried to sue over a hot coffee scalding, the incident was “egregious, outrageous and preposterous,” as his fictional lawyer Jackie Chiles said in a Seinfeld episode at the time. But a hot drink scalding is no laughing matter. While many may try to [...]

How To Stay Safe While Enjoying Ontario’s Winter Weather

There are an abundance of ways to get out and enjoy recreational activities in Ontario during the winter months. Unfortunately, there are also myriad ways in which serious injuries can occur during these ventures. To make sure you’re protected, there are a number of precautions [...]

Avoid Accidents With Winter Driving Safety Tips

The chilly winds of winter and treacherous road conditions have hit Ontario with full force, endangering citizens with an uptick in accidents. No one wants to be a statistic, and in order to avoid accidents you’ll need to take heed of winter driving safety tips. [...]

Night Driving Safety Awareness

October is the month when children’s thoughts turn to Halloween. But it’s also a time when drivers’ thoughts should turn to night driving safety. Between the little ghosts and goblins high-tailing it around on Oct. 31st, and the switching of the clocks back to Standard [...]

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