Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are fairly common occurrences. Shockingly, some people’s first reaction is to flee the scene of an accident, either out of panic, to avoid liability or a possible criminal prosecution for impaired driving. Hit and run car accidents can involve vehicles, bicycles, and even pedestrians; it’s prudent to contact the police and emergency medical services as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

If at all possible, you should try and record any information about the vehicle that has left the scene of the accident, such as the make and model, as well as any physical description you can get of the driver. This can help in identifying the responsible party who has fled the scene.

Injury & Damages from Hit & Run Accidents

Often, hit and run accidents result in serious injury, death or damage to property. As a victim of a hit and run car accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses from your own insurance company, pursuant to the Unidentified Motorist (UI) provisions of your motor vehicle policy. In addition, you may have access to a Family Protection Endorsement – OPCF 44R for underinsurance coverage, if the minimum limits available under the UI coverage are not adequate to cover your losses and you satisfy the applicable evidentiary requirements in the endorsement.  Generally, the Family Protection Endorsement covers the named
insured, his spouse and family members who reside in the same household.

Access to these policies would be in addition to your entitlement to No-Fault Accident Benefits. It’s thus important that you contact an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer, who will help you seek compensation from the proper insurance companies in a hit and run accident; these policies interact in a complex way with certain deductions and priorities, which have to be carefully overseen by an experienced personal injury lawyer in Toronto.

In rare cases where you do not have access to your own policy, a claim for a hit and run accident will have to be made to Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, as a last resort, in an action against the Superintendent of Insurance.

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