Short-term disability is a financial safety net that exists to provide individuals a percentage of their salary in the event of injury or illness that keeps them from working for a short period of time. What exactly constitutes short term disability differs among employers and insurance companies.

Generally, short-term disability is provided to individuals in one of two ways:

  • Many are entitled to short-term disability through their current employer. Some employers may require that you use allocated sick days prior to applying for short term disability. You must get the application and medical forms from your employer in order to file
  • Short-term disability is also offered through private insurance policies. Applying requires obtaining the forms from your broker or insurance provider.

In Ontario, short term disability plans are subject to a number of limitations which may impede your ability to receive the benefits you need. These limitations include people who are not under the care of a licensed physician, if injury is intentionally self-inflicted, if injury results from a criminal offence, if injury is sustained while on leave of absence or paid vacation, if the individual is working while receiving disability benefits, and other such stipulations.

There are also a number of similar limitations put in place should your short-term disability coverage be through a private insurance policy, as opposed to your employer. The limitations set out will differ from policy to policy and among different insurance providers.

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