When a loved one has passed away, the emotional and financial stress can be a huge burden. Horowitz Injury Law can take care of the legal complexities that come with filing life insurance claims, so that you can focus on your family and emotional health during this difficult time.

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From all of the paperwork involved, to receiving your life insurance benefits in a timely manner, we will act as your intermediary with your insurance provider so that you can attend to the more important matters following the loss of your loved one.

While money is not the primary concern when a relative or a friend passes away, the financial burden that can be placed on family members can be substantial, ranging from funeral service costs to loss of income and beyond. Horowitz Injury Law will ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to, so that you can focus on dealing with your loss, rather than worrying about money.

In some cases, insurance providers may request additional medical information, or even try and deny the life insurance claim altogether. In these situations, it’s important to have a life insurance claims lawyer on your side to help review a denial of life insurance and ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

It is not uncommon, in cases where the policy is less than two years old, for Life Insurance Companies to delay or outright deny payment of the life insurance proceeds, on the basis of a failure to disclose or misrepresentation by the life insured (deceased) at the time the Application for Insurance was made. Typically, the insurance company will allege that there was a medical condition or disorder, which was not disclosed in the Application or other written statement or on a medical examination, which renders the policy voidable; they argue that had the medical condition been disclosed, the policy would not have been issued or the premium would have been higher. In either case, payment is denied.

These cases are very difficult to fight because the person whose life was insured is deceased and it is no longer possible to hear their evidence about the process surrounding the application process. Often, independent insurance agents/brokers complete the forms and ask the questions to the individual orally. To make matters more complicated, the insurance company must prove fraud if the policy was in force for two years or more at the time of death.

Litigation involving a denial of a life insurance claim is defended vigorously, particularly when the benefit amount is relatively high. A consideration of all the available records and facts surrounding the application process has to be reviewed and a potential claim for negligence against the agent/broker has to be assessed.

The life insurance claims process can add a high degree of stress to an already difficult time in your life. The time limit to sue a Life Insurance Company for a denial of a claim is only one year. Horowitz Injury Law can help you with your life insurance claim, including denied or delayed claims, so that you can focus on being with your family during this hard time. Call us today at 416-925-4100.