Once the panic and stress brought on by a car accident subside, there’s still the matter of arranging for financial help. To protect yourself and obtain the compensation you may be entitled to, you may want to follow these steps:

1.) Notify Your Insurance Company

Whether or not you’re at fault, notify your insurance company of the accident. If you’re completely or partially at fault you’re still entitled to accident benefits from your insurance company through Ontario’s no-fault system. If you or the other driver is without insurance you can still claim benefits through Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

2.) Apply for Accident Benefits

After notifying your insurance company of the accident, you should fill out and send them an Application for Accident Benefits. There is a strict timeline with this – and other – forms, so speak with a personal injury lawyer right away to obtain and complete this application quickly.

3.) Apply for Disability Benefits

When a car accident keeps you from earning an income, disability benefits can help. If you have disability coverage available, through your employer or a private plan, you can make a claim for benefits that will help make up for the resulting income loss. This step requires a great deal of work and expertise to prove a person’s inability to work and their financial burden.

4.) Careful Record-Keeping

Receipts and records are critical pieces of evidence in supporting an injury claim. Paperwork documenting expenses incurred as a result of the accident, for things like prescriptions, in-home care and property damage, should be held onto so your expenses can be reimbursed. Employment and insurance documentation will be helpful too.

5.) Help Make Your Case

You can significantly help your lawyer put together a solid case by tracking your post-accident situation. Your lawyer will then be better able to portray the accident’s toll on you if you document daily experiences, medical visits and conversations and the names and contact information of accident witnesses.

6.) Protect Your Rights

To help navigate the complicated world of personal injury law you should contact a lawyer soon after an accident. With the right lawyer you can also count on emotional support and valuable experience to guide you through a difficult time.