Winter is a notoriously slippery season, where sidewalks, parking lots and walkways can turn into sites of terrible injuries. Property owners or occupiers are expected to keep their premises safe, which means, among other things, reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall. As a victim of negligence in a slip and fall case, whatever the cause, it’s important to know your legal rights and the timelines governing claims.

Your accident and the resulting claim can be affected by the type of property on which the accident occurred. For example, accidents on a municipal sidewalk have to be reported to the authorities under a strict time limit and the legal process will have to be commenced within a prescribed time.

Ice is one of the most common causes of slips and falls. Often times people use their upper body to brace for the impact, resulting in a broken wrist or arm, for example; that will negatively impact their ability to earn an income, whether they operate a computer or a transport truck. Slip and fall victims need to ensure their earnings are protected through compensation and support for rehabilitation, pain medication and whatever else they or their family will need to assist in their recovery.

There are many factors to be considered in a slip and fall case and insurers are particularly vigilant today in identifying insurance fraud, a crime that could include a staged accident or the embellishment of injuries.

A victim’s claim needs to prove that the source of the accident – a patch of ice, a slippery floor, a walkway in disrepair – was recognized (or should have been recognized) by the property occupant or owner and went untended. If the occupant or owner can prove they didn’t know about the hazard, because it arose only recently, for example, your claim could be dismissed or compensation minimized.

You need a lawyer on your side that will represent your interests in the face of an aggressive campaign aimed at diminishing the seriousness of your injuries and the legitimacy of your claim. Contact Horowitz Injury Law right away, so that we can assist you in recovering fair compensation.