A good lawyer, no matter their experience and comfort level in chronic pain or disability matters, recognizes the significant role played by medical specialists in deciding claims. With early medical intervention after the onset of disorders like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, not only can specialists increase an individual’s long-term recovery prospects; they can also bring to light the very real and very significant challenges facing that person.

Family doctors are rarely trained in specialty matters like chronic pain or chronic fatigue. This is especially true when symptoms arise unexpectedly – as opposed to following a car accident or medical procedure, where they can draw a link.

A doctor may be able to refer a pain sufferer to a specialist, but when disability benefits or other compensation are at stake, a lawyer can be a valuable source of help too. Personal injury and disability lawyers always rely on expert testimony and the diagnoses and prognosis of medical specialists, to help establish a strong claim for their clients.

Lawyers may rely on any number of the following specialists: physiatrist (physical therapy and rehabilitation), rheumatologist (joints and soft tissue), occupational physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, orthopedic surgeon (the musculoskeletal system), gastroenterologist (the digestive system) and pain management specialist.

When pain is said to be subjective, or not verifiable by traditional tools like x-ray machines, medical experts play an important role in supporting or casting doubt on a sufferer’s credibility. Doctors and other specialists also tend to be seen as more objective than family members or others who know the individual, which adds value to their opinion.

In dealing with many similar cases over the last 30+ years, Horowitz Injury Law will also be able to recognize and judge the credibility of specialists and choose to work with only the most respected in the profession.