The frontal lobe of the brain is home to all sorts of wondrous activity, the kind that distinguishes one person from another and people in general from animals. It is hardly surprising, then, that a localized brain injury to the frontal lobe can severely hamper a person’s everyday life, perhaps permanently. The legal implications of a frontal-lobe injury are equally serious and potentially life-altering.

By virtue of its placement at the front of the skull, the frontal lobe suffers a large share of brain injuries. And because the frontal lobe constitutes such a large portion of the brain, injuries here can yield different symptoms for different people; no two cases are exactly the same and that lack of uniformity calls for highly skilled medical-legal help.

It’s easy to think of the brain as a single, unified organ. But extensive research has shown that it is actually comprised of several distinct regions, each responsible for a specific group of functions and activities.

The frontal lobe governs everything from the basic functions we take for granted every day like speech and memory, to more complex, intricate functions like planning and reasoning. Frontal-lobe trauma has even been associated with emotional, social and sexual abnormalities – in some studies, neurologists and sociologists have gone so far as to draw a connection to violent criminality.

The symptoms of a frontal-lobe injury can filter into every aspect of a person’s life. Imagine trying to engage in repetitive work while struggling to concentrate and remain focused, or trying to perform an intellectually challenging job while your ability to problem-solve has been clouded over with uncertainty and confusion.

At home, the change becomes even starker: your inability to communicate clearly with family leads to frustration, which leads to strained relationships as part of a vicious cycle.

The list of symptoms goes on. One commonality among all instances of frontal-lobe trauma and traumatic brain injuries, in general, is the need for help that only qualified legal and medical experts can provide. At Horowitz Injury Law, we have almost 35 years of experience in assisting clients who have sustained serious and catastrophic brain injuries. Ensuring a thorough diagnosis and identifying the specific effects of the injury, are essential to ensure that the support services are in place to maximize recovery and the quality of life for the victim and their family.