For any sufferer of a serious personal injury, the rehabilitation process should be the only concern; the road to recovery is tough enough without speed-bumps like complex legal paperwork and insurance matters. But no one should have to go it alone: Behind every successful rehabilitation process lies a well-coordinated team.

Besides the fact that sticking to a rehabilitation program shows a determination to get better – a positive sign in the eyes of the insurance companies and the law – that same dedication can significantly improve everyday functioning and provide a much-needed goal in life. Following a serious personal injury, plaintiffs are advised to speak with a qualified lawyer to ensure they are well aware of their rights, receive the appropriate short-term benefits, don’t exceed important time limitations and that they have access to someone who can help coordinate a suitable rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation is not a static process: after an injury, the person’s needs can change drastically based on a number of factors, such as progress (or lack of), environment, money available and other factors. Brain injuries, for example, are far from uniform and actually deliver different challenges for different individuals, usually depending on type, severity and region of injury.

In some cases that may mean the person requires intensive speech therapy, while in others it’s physiotherapy and occupational therapy intervention. Other head injuries severely affect emotional centres in the brain, requiring more intensive psychological therapy.

Speaking on the topic of rehabilitation following a brain injury, Dr. Robert F. Sawicki, a neuropsychologist, said:

“No single individual, no single specialty can individually improve such a pervasive disturbance of function. There is too much specialized information in too many specialized areas, for any single profession to hope to master it all and effectively apply it, clinically. This is the primary reason that an interdisciplinary team becomes so important in rehabilitating brain injured persons.”

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