Most referrals come by word of mouth from friends, family and co-workers. Around the water cooler, we ask for recommendations on everything from hairdressers to a good dry cleaner. But when you have been injured, one of the most important decisions you can make in safeguarding your future is your choice of a personal injury lawyer.

Injury litigation is complex legal territory, requiring expertise and experience in successfully handling such claims. It is your right and responsibility to investigate a firm’s history, experience and success rate and even the amount of compensation awarded in cases similar to your own. Find out the lawyer’s trial experience in acting for individuals with similar injuries to yours.

You are the client. Feel free to shop around and determine which personal injury law firm is best suited to your needs. Large firms may have a great number of lawyers but be sure to ask which one will be assigned to your case. A boutique personal injury practice with almost 35 years of experience, such as Horowitz Injury Law, not only has the financial backing to support the most complex cases but is also small enough to ensure personal one-on-one attention, from the initial consultation through to resolution. One of the best ways to choose whether or not a lawyer is right for you is to read their client testimonials, which are often posted on the website or on Google.

No two cases are the same and no two law practices are exactly the same. After checking out the website and testimonials, it is also helpful to speak directly with a lawyer at that firm. Call for a complimentary initial consultation and put a face to a name; this is the best way to know if you are making the right decision.

At Horowitz Injury Law we have a proven track record with almost 35 years of experience in successfully winning personal injury claims. We are proud to be able to work hard for our clients to seek justice and fair compensation for those who have suffered an injury or illness. We thank all of our past clients for believing in us and for those who kindly took the time to share their testimonials:

“I have dealt with Brian Horowtiz a few times and have received exceptional results. His approach is beyond fantastic. Brian is a family oriented man who believes in receiving top results for his clients whom he builds great relationships with. There is no other lawyer that I would recommend in this city.” – Daniel Milstein

“I have always found Brian Horowitz and his team to be helpful and personable. They have provided me with high quality of service, tailored to my particular needs. I would rate their job 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend them to others.” – Julia Rudko

“Their professionalism, caring and competence is first rate. They connected with me on a personal level as well, and the organization that hired me always praised my representation.” – Elvis Stojko

For more real stories of Horowitz Injury Law, please visit the Testimonials section on the website.