Has your child sustained an injury while playing on playground equipment? It is difficult and overwhelming for a family when a child is seriously injured. Most injuries are preventable and occur due to negligence by someone entrusted to ensure safety. The injury may be the result of faulty equipment, faulty design, insufficient safety features, poor installation, lack of maintenance and supervision or other deficiencies.

Canada’s System of Justice is designed to protect innocent victims from serious harm and allows parents to receive compensation for their child’s injuries. At Horowitz Injury Law, we will guide you through the entire process of seeking legal redress while protecting the legal rights of your child. By acting on your legal rights, it will ensure that the appropriate party is accountable while helping to prevent the same situation from occurring again.

At Horowitz Injury Law, we understand the emotional difficulties of caring for an injured child. Serious injuries to children can cause pain, suffering and emotional trauma that can result in lifelong effects.  We help our clients to ease their burden by getting redress for:

  • The needs of the child and family arising from the accident
  • Loss of income and additional expenses for parents both immediate and long-term
  • Estimated future income loss of your child resulting from the accident
  • Type of financial structure needed for the child’s future
  • How the claim should be structured for the court to approve the claims and that you are protected for the future

We provide experienced services tailored to your child’s unique circumstances, complete assessment of the child’s injuries, legal compliance requirements of the facility where the injury took place, the deficiencies that contributed to the injury, complex requirements to handle litigation, computation of legally allowable losses that the child and the parents encountered including pain, suffering and emotional trauma and the follow-up needed in getting the insurance companies to settle payments.

We have nearly 35 years of experience delivering results in children’s injury claims. We get you involved in making the right decision and getting the best outcome for your child. For more information, please call Horowitz Injury Law at 416-925-4100 or visit our website www.horowitzinjurylaw.com.