It is an unfortunate sign of our times, but we seem to be hearing about more and more pedestrian accidents in the news – 12 alone on a windy, rainy October morning in Toronto. As the clocks change and we see fewer hours of sunlight in the fall and winter, the risk of accidents involving pedestrians increases.

Pedestrians are usually the most vulnerable of all accident victims and the injuries sustained are often the most severe resulting in a high number of serious injuries and even fatalities.

Common injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents can include bone fractures and breaks, scarring and facial injuries, blunt force trauma, catastrophic brain injuries, spinal cord injury and paralysis and more. Such injuries are not only expensive to treat, they often require ongoing treatment and care outside of Ontario’s public health care system; they can also affect your physical, mental and emotional health. This is why many pedestrian accident victims choose to pursue legal action in order to offset the financial, physical and psychological burdens which arise as a result of injuries incurred in a pedestrian accident.

The victim of a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle has just seven days to notify their insurance company, as well as the insurer of the motor vehicle which hit them. They must file a claim within 30 days for Accident Benefits after receipt of the application from the insurance company and they must generally pursue legal action within two years of the day of the accident.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a pedestrian accident and needs assistance with the Accident Benefits Claim process and a potential lawsuit against the at-fault driver, Horowitz Injury Law has nearly 35 years of experience with pedestrian accident cases. We fully comprehend your rights under the law and will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation at 416-925-4100.