“Traumatic Brain Injury occurs to 500 out of 100,000 individuals yearly in Canada with 18,000 in Ontario alone, and every day there are 35 persons admitted to hospital as a result of traumatic brain injuries,” that’s according to the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo-Wellington as stated on their website www.biaww.com. The same site states that “every year in Canada over 11,000 people die as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury and over 6,000 become permanently disabled after a traumatic brain injury.  Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under the age of 35. Within the next hour, six Canadians will suffer a brain injury,”  Source: Brain Injury Association of Waterloo-Wellington (www.biaww.com) citing resources for Acquired Brain Injury pages from the following websites: Ontario Brain Injury Association (www.obia.ca), Canadian Brain Injury Association (www.biav-acic.ca, Brain Trust Canada www.braintrustcanada.com and Brain Injury Association of Nipissing, www.dawn.thot.net/brain).

The numbers are staggering.  In a blog by Ruth Wilcock, Executive Director of the Ontario Brain Injury Association posted on the OBIA website, Ruth states that “In Ontario alone, there are close to half a million people living with a brain injury.”  Executive Director Wilcock shares a few of the findings from the OBIA Impact Report in her blog, as follows:  “Fifteen percent of respondents indicated that it took longer than six months to learn of their brain injury; four percent stated it being more than five years. More than 75% have trouble with depression and/or anxiety… more than 90% have trouble with concentration, making decisions and memory. Complications of brain injury may include problems with: Mood Swings 76%, dizziness 71%, Vision 58%, Hearing Problems 45%, and Seizures 22%.” Source: OBIA website, www.obia.ca.

The severity of the injury or trauma to the head as a result of an accident can have devastating consequences.  It takes a village to help get a brain injured individual on the road to recovering, including a team of neuro-rehabilitation experts which may include occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and physiotherapists, all of whom are essential in maximizing recovery.

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