Staying safe for Halloween is no longer about watching for razor blades in your candy apples (this might even be a dated reference if you were born after 1980). In fact, researchers, police, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have pretty much dispelled that urban myth in recent years.

Halloween safety really has to do with being aware. Being aware of your surroundings, for all involved. However, it must be a collaborative effort, amongst the kids themselves, their parents and drivers. With that in mind, we offer these top Halloween safety tips for all the involved parties.

How can kids stay safe on Halloween?

For the trick-or-treaters, the key rules focus on: See & Be Seen.

  1. Choose face makeup over eye masks; keep vision clear & unobstructed
  2. Wear light-coloured clothing/use reflective strips/carry light sticks
  3. Stick to well-lit areas & don’t visit houses that aren’t well-lit
  4. Stay in groups (if going without an adult)
  5. Walk on the sidewalk where possible, and don’t criss-cross the street
  6. Make sure costumes aren’t too long so as to cause trips & falls
  7. Don’t eat anything until an adult can inspect it all at home

For parents

Should you tag along with your child? According to parenting experts, it depends on a number of factors, including age (10 years old is generally the demarcation, but it can vary based on other factors, such as the child’s personality and small-town vs. city).

  1. Go with your child if they’re too young, if it’s a very busy neighbourhood, or if they don’t have a group of at least three responsible kids to go with
  2. Ensure your child’s costume is bright, & can be seen well by cars and others
  3. Remind children to always look both ways when crossing the street, and try to stick to one side of the street, and then the other, rather than criss-crossing
  4. Tell your children never to go inside a home (even in non-pandemic times, this is an important tip)
  5. Make sure to inspect all of their ‘treats’ once they arrive home

For Drivers

One of the scariest things you could run into on Halloween would be a distracted driver. With little ones prowling everywhere in the dark, it’s most imperative that drivers on the road also follow safety tips on Oct. 31st. Some of these, of course, go without saying, and should be followed year-round, not just on Halloween.

  1. Get the ‘big picture’: make sure to be alert and scan your surroundings on all sides, as kids could pop out of anywhere on this night
  2. Keep your eyes on the road, NOT on your phone. Ever.
  3. Avoid any type of impairment—drugs, alcohol, drowsy medication— while driving (again, this is a no-brainer)
  4. Drive below the speed limit, to be sure you have extra time to stop. Be prepared to take a bit longer than usual to get where you’re going
  5. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) even suggests, if possible, to avoid driving between the hours of 6:00-9:00 pm, the most trick-or-treat heavy times

There’s no ‘trick’ in always being aware, and taking extra care on this special night, whether you’re a driver, a parent or a little goblin. That way, everyone will have a ‘treat’ this Halloween.

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