With the school year upon us once again, that means the startup of school sports and schoolyard play. One thing parents must be patently aware of at all times is the risk of head injury and concussions if a child is involved in any type of physical contact sport or play. Head injury awareness is of utmost importance because of the serious risks that a concussion can entail. 

Be it organized sports or simple schoolyard play, head injuries and concussions can occur anytime a child either hits their head, or even has it shaken or jarred violently from a hit to the upper body or a fall to the ground.

Leaving a concussion untreated can lead to myriad consequences. Parents and kids alike should keep these important rules in mind when it comes to head injury awareness. 

How to prevent the risk of head injury

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to head injuries. 

  • Wear sports equipment, especially headgear, and ensure it’s in good condition and fits properly
  • Follow the rules of the sport, play safely, and avoid being overly aggressive in the schoolyard (where helmets are obviously not worn)
  • If at all possible, ensure that playing surfaces (playground or other sporting areas) are safe: clear of obstructions, soft-landing where possible

What are the concussion symptoms I should be aware of?

Even when wearing a helmet, or even if there hasn’t been an impact directly to the head, a concussion can still occur: the brain can still be jarred to bang against the skull. 

If the child suffers a hit to the head, or an otherwise violent bodily contact that shakes the head—stop playing immediately. And learn the following symptoms, as set out by the Mayo Clinic, to determine if your child might need to get medical assistance or evaluation:

  • Difficulty with thinking skills, such as memory and attention
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Irritability

And another important note to be aware of:

  • Concussions don’t always show up right away; it can sometimes take up to three days for symptoms to occur

Why it’s important to diagnose a concussion early

The urgency of diagnosing a possible concussion is crucial for children, as a repeated head injury before they are completely healed can lead to serious complications, including longer-lasting and more severe symptoms. 

And always remember that having one concussion puts children at higher risk of having another.

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