In the heat of the summer, cottage season is in full swing around the province. At least a quarter of a million families are cottagers in Ontario.

And while a good time will be had by most all, an unfortunate few may be subject to unnecessary injury due to a failure to follow tried and true proper safety steps around the cottage.

“Many people put a lot of time and effort into making their cottages cozy and fun for the whole family,” said a spokesperson for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. “It’s also important to make safety a priority at your cottage.”

How to stay safe at the cottage

With the help of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations, let’s take a look at the top cottage safety tips to keep you and your guests from harm as the summer season continues to heat up.

  1. Check that all cottage smoke detectors and CO detectors are installed and in proper working condition.
    • By Ontario law, smoke alarms must be installed near all sleeping areas and on every floor of the dwelling (be it a home or a cottage)
    • Test them monthly and have ample supply of batteries if any need replacing
  1. Make sure you have a stocked first aid kit with all the necessary supplies.
  1. Double-check that any and all watercraft are in safe, working order
    • All guests on board a watercraft should have a life jacket
    • All other required safety equipment should also be on board
  1. Maintain proper lighting outdoors for nighttime so as to ensure there are no trips and falls
    • Cottage grounds can present a multitude of hidden dangers in the dark, from tree branches to water toys and anything else
  1. BBQing Safety
    • Keep all young children and pets away from open flames and hot barbeques, and make sure it’s operating properly
  1. Ensure responsible drinking by everyone.
    • Being intoxicated on or near the water, BBQs and the other trip and fall hazards around a cottage is a recipe for disaster. As a cottage owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone drinks responsibly
  1. Emergency Preparedness
    • Have the numbers of all nearby emergency services readily available
    • Have a 72-hour emergency “survival kit” prepared, in case you were to be stuck due to extreme weather events or other unforeseen circumstances


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