5 Risks of Leaving a Concussion Untreated

Head injury should never be taken lightly. No matter what you feel the severity might be, it should never be underestimated. Just because it can be “an invisible injury” doesn’t mean it can’t have devastating effects. There can be serious risks from leaving a concussion [...]

Ontario’s Justice System in the New COVID Reality

"We should not be going back." -- Ontario Superior Court Justice Frederick Myers And with that statement, Justice Myers made it clear, early on in the pandemic, what to expect in Ontario's justice system as we move forward in the new COVID reality. Since the [...]

Are Liability Waivers Enforceable?

Are the Consumer Protection Act (2002) and the Occupier’s Liability Act in conflict? According to recent rulings, when it comes to whether or not a “supplier” (i.e. business) can apply a waiver to contract out of the “duty of care”, the answer is, unequivocally, yes, [...]

Top Halloween Safety Tips (For Kids, Parents & Drivers)

Staying safe for Halloween is no longer about watching for razor blades in your candy apples (this might even be a dated reference if you were born after 1980). In fact, researchers, police, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have pretty much dispelled that [...]

E-Scooters in Ontario: What Are The Dangers?

Electric scooters may be a compact, rapidly-growing, environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive means of cruising through city cores, but that doesn’t mean e-scooters aren’t rife with controversy. Some cities around the world have banned the battery-powered scooters for a number of safety reasons. Toronto is [...]

Top 5 Boating Safety Tips

Summer relaxation in Ontario often involves getting out on the water for fun. The last thing anyone wants to think about in this situation is a catastrophic injury. But studies in Canada show that boating fatalities number about 100 across the country each year. A [...]


A Contingency Fee Agreement is a retainer agreement in which no legal fees are charged to our clients, unless we are able to recover damages by either a negotiated settlement or by a judgement of a court or tribunal.  Contingency Fees greatly increase access to [...]

New Contingency Fee Reforms in Ontario Promote Transparency

Contingency Fees are a saving grace for many personal injury clients in Ontario, as they allow the victim to receive access to justice without having to pay legal fees until a settlement (or trial) determines the amount of damages awarded. The problem with contingency fees [...]

What Cyclists Need To Know in Ontario

Spring is now upon us in Southern Ontario, and that means many more vehicles of the two-wheeled variety will be hitting the streets. But there are a number of questions that cyclists need to know the answers to before they lift the kick-stand and pedal [...]

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