What You Need to Know About The Limitations Act

"Time is of the essence." Official dictionary definitions include: said to encourage one to hurry emphasizing something should be done as soon as possible This phrase is used in many areas of law in Ontario. When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, it [...]

The Benefits of Mediation

A serious personal injury case can really take its toll on a victim and their family. Anyone who’s been in this position knows full well: the physical and emotional pain, the financial pressures of paying for medical costs, and the anxiety of a stressful legal [...]

Covid-19 and the Ontario Justice System

The novel coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the lives of everyone, in all walks of life, in every industry, all over the world. The legal industry is no different.  The impacts are far-reaching. In addition to the closing of law offices everywhere, and [...]

The Distraction of New In-Vehicle Technology for Drivers

Back in 1959, the invention of the 3-point seatbelt was hailed as an incredible new automobile technology that would change car safety forever. And it has, in fact, saved over a million lives, according to rough estimates. Automobile technology has come a long way since [...]

Driving High in the Legalization Era

“Weed doesn’t impair my ability to drive — it actually makes me a better driver!” —Said by hundreds of thousands of Ontarians   At least, that’s how it seems. You’ve undoubtedly heard this excuse before from someone who thinks it’s no problem to get behind [...]

Hit and Runs on the Rise — But Why?

What would you do if you were unfortunate enough to be the driver involved in a hit and run accident? Would fleeing the scene even be an option?  If you think you’ve heard more about this kind of crime recently — and make no mistake, [...]

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